BIRMINGHAM, Ala. — This year’s best suburbs to buy a home in Alabama were just named, and the results may surprise you.

Niche Local, a company that provides rankings and statistics on every neighborhood and city in the U.S., did a comprehensive assessment of the housing and community of American suburbs. Their rankings are based on multiple factors, including home values, property taxes, housing costs, crime rates, age of new home buyers, and personal reviews.

According to Niche Local, a high ranking on this list “indicates that a suburb attracts residents with a good housing market where property taxes and housing costs are in line with value.”

In Alabama, Birmingham had four suburbs in the top 10, with Huntsville suburbs as well as Gadsden suburbs also making it to the top of the list. However, the second best suburb to be named was Taylor, a suburb of Dothan.

Overall, Helena was named the best suburb to buy a home in Alabama.

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